• When will I get my images?
  • Usually within a week. Poster prints are a couple of days, canvas prints are closer to a week.


  • Can I order prints in sizes other than those indicated?
  • Yes. We can supply prints in most sizes. It's just easier to limit the choices to small, medium and large.
  • Do you print to other formats like mugs etc?
  • Erm, not really. However... Send me a jiffy bag full of fivers and we'll see. :)


  • Can I download the images?
  • No. However the images can be licensed for magazine use etc. Contact me for details.
  • Will you do commission work?
  • Yes. Contact me for details..
  • Do you accept payment by other means?
  • Yes. Cash, cheque or potatoes. Ok, maybe not the last one.
  • The slide show is a bit jittery on my PC, what's wrong?
  • It takes a lot of processing power to produce that slow zoom/fade effect. There's going to be a bit of jitter on most PC's. I did think about making it just fade but the zoom effect is absolutely lovely and I just couldn't get rid of it. :)