In setting up this site I get to marry up two passions. Retro video and computer game stuff and photography. There’s a lot of interest in 80’s and 90’s video game/computer hardware and it’s very amusing to see people ask about stuff that was made before they were born!

Any of the images are available in a wide variety of formats. Everything from prints (framed or not), canvas prints, mugs etc. They make great presents and the quality of everything is outstanding. No really, it is! All the images are taken on professional equipment and printed by a professional printing service.

I hope you find something you like and if nothing else it stirs up some nostalgia. Some of the hardware and games produced on these things were amazing and remains so to this day.

Some kind comments from site users:

"Extremely happy with our new canvas prints. They provide fascinating retro focal points in our meeting spaces. Simple, but well executed artwork. Great value! "

Anonymous, customer (large corporate broadcasting company)



"These look good in the gallery, but even better in print. The finish quality is superb and they look fantastic on the wall.  Friendly customer service and speedy turn around too "

David Stewart, customer



"Whoa. Some brilliant photos there. Some things I almost forgot existed, the old Texas Instruments and the Tandy computers. Wow.

That site's awesome. Interesting to see some more trips down memory lane, BBC Model B, Dragon, Amstrad CPC, Sinclair QL and whatever that other one was that came out which was the amalgamation of Sinclair and Amstrad.

Love the Cobra tune on the ZX Spectrum pages. Genius. "

Computer & video games.com forum user